Appointments & Visits

Q: How Do I Make An Appointment?

A: Call the clinic at (319) 293-7771 or send a secure email to doctim@docblairmd.com.


Q: How Much Does Your Clinic Cost?

A: The usual visit is about twenty to thirty minutes, and the charge is $50. Additional charges will be incurred for more complex office exams, procedures and home visits. Discounts will be given when I see more than one family member in a visit.


Q: What If I Am Unable To Make It Into The Clinic?

A: I am willing to come out to your home for a visit. I ask that when you make that appointment, you leave your name, 911 address, and what the visit will be for, so I can can be sure to have the necessary equipment.


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Q: Do You Take Insurance?

A: The short answer is no. However, if you have private insurance (that is no Medicare, Medicade, or HawkI), I will provide you with the codes for the visit, a receipt and the form to fill out for you to submit the bill to your insurance.


Q: You Don’t Take Insurance; Can I Be Seen?

A: I will, and can, see any one that wants to come meet me as a physician. You will simply have to pay for the visit at that time. I do not contract with any insurance company, so I am not bound by their over-regulation. I also do not have a billing department to fill out paperwork to submit to an insurance company, which would double my charges to my patients.


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Q: What Method of Payment Do You Accept?

A: I currently accept cash, check, debit and credit cards.